For Sale: Custom SUMMIT trials

This frame and crank set has a veined hammermill powdercoat finish, it has not been ridden since assembly.
$350 + Actual shipping cost. Will do for $300 without the seat.
Denubbed KH crank/hub set.
Alex DX32 Rim with 2.5" Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire, both never ridden on.
Viscount saddle base with a left hand Reeder and KH Fusion seatcover.
Pics -…_itemId=170712

Do you have summits comming out of your ass?


im thinkin about the summit maybe when i get enough money

Is this the same summit as the big long thread or a new summit?

Same Summit. By the way forget the price, make an offer.
Please reply if you have genuine interest. I’d like to keep this thread concise.

I will buy it for 250 if there is no duties (I’m in CAD). You’ll have to say it’s a present to me, no cash. I will give you a check, and no one will be the wiser.

I think I’d like to buy it. I’ll send you a PM when I figure out how much I want to spend.



So is this now $300 for the uni and the seat, and then $250 for it without the seat?


Man this is a good deal.

Just making sure. =p

Today, once my friend Zach gets out of school, I will tell him about this deal. He has been looking for a new uni, and was wanting one of the summits that were up.

One was sold on ebay, the other he doesnt want cause it doesnt come with a seat and is orange. Yours is a darker color like he wanted, and comes with a seat.

Price range is just a little high for him, but I will still show him about it. Goodluck with this uni.

Just wanting to know if you could pm me any pics? The link at the top of the page isnt working… Thanks

The Gallery seems to be down. Here’s 1 pic. I’ll try to get some more up later.

Someone needs to buy it, its like $15 more than a nimbus trials uni, and this is 1000 times better.

I’d buy it if I didn’t have a trials uni. If this was a muni I’d buy it. I’ll try to get one of my friends to.

Another Pic


I think we can figure out for ourself that its not a muni, miles.

Hell, the title almost states that.