FOR SALE: Custom Summit Trials

This frame and crank set has a veined hammermill powdercoat finish, it has not been ridden since assembly.
$350 + Actual shipping cost. Will do for $300 without the seat.
Denubbed KH crank/hub set.
Alex DX32 Rim with 2.5" Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire, both never ridden on.
Viscount saddle base with a left hand Reeder and KH Fusion seatcover.
Pics -

I Want The Seat

you can still see the “L” sticker on the left pedal. This thing’s new, people!

yeah if i had the money i would buy it but i have my heart set on one of his other unis.

if only i were left handeed

i think the price is too high…

Thanks for the input. A stock Summit just sold for $305 + shipping on Ebay. That Reeder costs $45 by itself.

350 is defenatly too high… but I must admit that the frame is really nice… and a redeer is 45… so if you add everyhting up it might come to that… but I mean it’s the hub/cranks with no q-factor…

The cranks have been denubbed, so Q factor isn’t an issue.

oh nice… but I dono if your price is in us well then… for like 50$ more I can get a bedford frame with kh hub crank and seat from 05/06… But I still think it’s a nice uni you got there…

but it is still to high cuz ur selling it for equal or more than retale.and it isnt from a store so u dont get any warrenty and if it sucks u cant return it and stuff… there is places that sell the summit alot cheaper… and there are other BRAND spankin new unis for 220 splined hub and everything…

if i had the money i would possibly buy it. except for the fact that the reeder is useless to me…alot of work went into this uni what with the denubbing powder coating cost and seat repairs…i’d say it probly worth the money.

the hub is kh/onza idiot… dosent get better… well profile does but w/e

Did you know that the Model T Ford retailed for $825 when new? Try to find one that cheap now. Obviously, you’ve never owned a house either. My house is worth almost 5 times more than what I paid for it 30 years ago, but I quess I should just give it away instead of charging too much when I sell it. Some things hold their value better than others, and actually appreciate as time goes on. PDC’s price is more than fair for a custom Summit that is no longer available new:D

Yea, all that is true.

But unicycles don’t hold the same resale value as a classic car from the 1930s or something as large and important as a house.

The Model T was revolutionary and changed the world, a custom Summit trials uni did not. Sure, it changed the world of unicycling in that it had splined cranks, but that’s it. Plus the car restoration industry is vastly different from the sport of unicycling.

It’s not like someone is going to buy it as a collector’s piece, they’re going to buy it to use the crap out if it. I’d say $275-$300 with the seat is fair, and $225 or so without.

It’s really worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. It’s probably superior to a torker dx or even qu-ax, and both of those will cost you 250-$300 plus about $45 shipping. It’s probably on par with onza or kh (he designed it, didn’t he?), but a little heavier, but that’s not a big deal-to me anyway.

acctually just to add to what terry said…i would probably take that summit over an '03-'04 kh just for the reeder so i could mod it for rightys. i love summit sand eventually i will get one… maybe not taday, maybe not tamara, but sum day!lol