[For Sale] Custom Street Uni


Odyssey SevenK-A rim

Koxx-One ISIS hub with 110mm cranks

Summit frame

Aluminum KH post

Snafu pedals with lexan grindplates

Redline Freaky-X 2.1 85psi tire

I want around 400-450 but if no one bites i might lower to 300 or so.

Oh, it also comes with a kh 04 24" frame

so we get a summit and kh frame ?

the kh fram is a 20"? the one with stipped paint looks like a 20"? and the one on the uni is a 24…? right? just getting that straight

The one without paint is a 20" summit and the one on the uni is a 24" kh frame because Evan killed his muni wheel and I guess doesn’t need it anymore.

The rim is really nice, its a tripple wall 80 dollar bmx rim, it can hold anyhting you throw at it.

what’s the bearing size on the koxx 1 hub? would you be willing to sell just the wheel set?

The bearings are 42mm

I would be willing to sell ust the wheel, but id rather not.

If you are willing I may be interested, name your price.


350 for that wheel I offered my 24" profiles with alex rim bedford yellow, and like new gazz tire for that much.

If you do your math 80 for the rim 20 for spokes (high guess) that means the koxx hub is 250? thats new not second hand, I’d say 170 would be a more realistic price.

Yeah well, shhhhh.

il sell the wheel for 220.

I heard from someone that rode your Koxx cranks at CMW that they were bent. Is that true or do you have new ones?

bent?! no, they arnt bent at all, they cant be, iv only really done flatland on it.

You can bend things with flatland, Its just harder to do.

yea emm… what good luck bending an isis hubon flatland…