FOR SALE : Custom steel 22.2mm SP

hey yall

i have a custom 22.2mm seat post that darren bedford made for me awhile back but ive changed uni’s

im pretty sure this is the only one out there so you better grab it quick!

especially is your sick of bending those alluminum 22.2’s and u dont want to get a new frame :wink:

im asking $45 cdn for it and you pay ship…


yo got any pics


Did you try the link at the botton of his post?

Sweet looking post there!


What is custom about it?

The diameter.

Not true, 22.2 steel posts are readily available. I have at least 3 of them. I’m not going to link to anywhere but they are sold online.

dude not cool, yeah ok i didnt know they were online but u didnt have to ruin my sale.


No offense but I don’t really buy anything you say. Bedford would not “custom make” a 22.2 seatpost for you, I’m pretty sure he sells them and they come standard with all of his bedford frames. You are trying to sell a used seatpost for twice what you can get it new. Nobody bends aluminum seatposts, they break, steel ones bend…

i have proof of my alluminum seatpost bent in half, folded right over, darren made me this post last year for $50 cause he himself said they dont have them, and please show me wich unicycles come with 22.2mm seatposts please.


Steel seatposts in 22.2mm are common.

All yuni frames from UDC and all bedford frames are 22.2 seatpost diameter. Schwinns and old style Semcycles could clamp around a bigger post but are meant for a 22.2. New style semcycles are 22.2. 22.2 was the standard for unicycles for many, many years. Only now with KH and other high performance high end unicycles have 25.4 and 27.2mm seatposts become more common.

Any unicycles that come with yuni frames come with 22.2mm steel seatposts: is going away from using the Yuni brand and selling more Nimbuses. They used to be for 22.2mm but now are going to 25.4mm.

Bedford sells several posts in the 22.2mm size:

well then how come ive bent all of those ones, wich i went through 3 filming for defect, and then when he made me this one it didnt bend?


Justin, I’m not trying to call you a liar or anything…

I asked whats custom about it. Maybe its stainless steel or twice as thick or something. I asked what was custom because if it was one of those things it may be worth what you’re asking. But if the only thing “custom” about it is the diameter then it is not custom at all. You said it was one of the only 22.2mm diameter posts available. That is false. Whether or not it is stronger than any of the ones I have listed above I cannot tell. If it is especially strong then maybe someone will buy it.

I wasn’t trying to ruin your sale, just trying to let people know that there are other options available in 22.2mm posts. If there is something else that makes this post very strong, I’m sure someone will need it. Good luck with the sale, I’ll stay out of your hair.

arent all the seat posts in the links you put aluminum ?

The GB4 universal is steel.
Actually I think all the UDC posts there are steel.

well all i know is i bend those and i dont bend this

cool, thx for the help guys :roll_eyes:

That dose look like a pretty beefed up post

can u put a KH saddle on that?


cool, one of my friends might be interested in it. she has a torker LX and she barely rides it because of the saddle.


make it more expensive. or u could just give it 2 me