[For Sale] Custom PROFILE Street Uni 20"

I’m selling my 20" street/trials uni. The profile wheelset is the original bombproof set, before KH became what it is. This uni has been very good to me but I don’t ride it enough to do it justice. Overall it is in used condition, showing cosmetic scratches on the frame, cranks, bumpers, but it is very solid: straight cranks, strong seat, good frame, good rim, etc.

This uni has the same wheelset as this uni. It also has a Yuni (II? I forget) frame, like this Nimbus II but powdercoated black. The seatpost (and frame) are 25.4mm, the seat base is a UDC carbon fiber Miyata/LX, with a grey KH Fusion (street?) seat cover. The rear bumper is a carbon fiber Scott Wallis back, with a small crack that doesn’t affect performance, and a very good condition Scott Wallis right-handed Deathgrip carbon fiber handle. The all CF seat setup is a very solid platform. Finally, the pedals on it are black Bulletproof Alloys with one side of pins of the left pedal grinded off, the tire is a Maxxis Creepy Crawler with maybe 40% life left, and the rim is an Alex DX32. Oh yeah, an LX seat clamp too. I apologize if I got any of the specs wrong, there’s a lot there.

This unicycle has around $900 put into it, and it is definitely solid enough to take just about anything you can throw at it. If you haven’t ridden with a CF seat base and handle it is incredibly responsive. I’m asking $550 + S&H, which I think is more than fair, but I will consider offers. For the price of a new KH you can have an equally (more?) solid uni with more carbon fiber than you can shake a stick at.

Finally, I’m going to be posting the rest of my gear in a bit, including a new RH Deathgrip, new custom white profile 165mm cranks, a 12" frame custom powdercoated Chevy orange, and a LX frame modded to take a trials tire, my favorite frame. So keep an eye out for that thread if you’re interested.

Here’s what everyone really wants, pictures!


how much for RH deathgrip?

How much for the whole seat, with handle?

I’m not really interested in parting out the seat and handle yet. I would rather sell the whole thing right now, or if someone makes an offer on the wheelset I could sell the seat.

As for the RH DG, I’ll start posting that thread in a minute.

Have you sold this yet?

Nope, not yet.

I can be interested but the problem is that I a in South africa and I don’t know the postal fees to here. Could you give me a price for the uni and expedition?

My adress is gnognote@laposte.net


this guy is legit. lets get this sold.
the uni is in great shape.

The shipping is quoted as 950USD to Johannesburg, so 1500USD total.

This uni is still for sale, accepting offers.

I would like the seat. If you wouldn’t mind.:slight_smile:

i would also like the seat.

dang, and all i gots to spare right now is $350