[For Sale] Custom 36 inch Unicycle

I don’t plan on putting in any heavy riding, so rather than gather dust I decided to see if anyone is interested in a high-end Coker.

Here is a list of the various components. There are two frames (one in the original configuration for the Tasmania tour, and another for the Alps Tour). The hub/cranks are a one-of-a-kind adjustable crank setup. Very handy for days with 50 miles of flats and a 2,000 foot climb for the last few miles.


  • Hunter Frame w/ custom front "and/or" rear handles ($450)
  • Mosiman Frame, suspended, handles ($500??? hard to say since it is a one of a kind setup)
  • Hub/cranks, Adjustable 120-180mm ($500??? hard to say since they are custom)
  • Spokes, Stainless ($100)
  • AirFoil Rim ($92, if they were available...)
  • Wallis Carbon Seat, death grip, carbon bumper ($400, not sure if available anymore...)
  • Brake, Magura w/ Stainless ($180)
  • Seatpost, Thompsom ($60, probably too short for anyone taller than 5'8")
  • Pedals, magnesium ($100) [/LIST]

    It all adds up to $2,382. That seems like alot, but for all the custom stuff it makes sense. For the original cost it would be difficult, if not impossible to source all these unique parts… I am inclined to polish it up and hang it on the wall as art, but it would sure be a shame keep it from eating up miles in some foreign land. I am open to selling the Hunter configuration only (which would not include the Mosiman frame).

    Let me know if you are interested and what you think it would be worth.

    Here are some pictures of the orginal configuration: http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/53455673IEXgQD and http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/50814872CMGado .

    Here are some quick shots of the Hunter configuration:
    http://nhoover.smugmug.com/gallery/2722632#144421077 (mine is on the right). With front handle: (http://nhoover.smugmug.com/gallery/662560#28542537). There is also a rear post/handle.

    Depending on interest I can get some current pictures and/or videos of the various components.


  • Wow!

    I don’t have any idea what all those parts are but it looks great. It’s a shame if it has to be wall art.

    Would be great if you could post better pics of only your 36er alone. What kind of rim is that? It sure doesn’t look like an airfoil…or maybe you’ve just machined the sidewalls so that’s why it looks different. Also, the prices you itemized are for new parts, so I’m assuming you’ll be selling this setup at a “used” price, right? Also, for my 36er, I paid only $36 for my SS spoke upgrade, so I’m not sure about your $100 spoke price there. Can you please give a “ballpark” of what price range you’d like to get for the setup pictured? Thanks!

    Not sure what to ask…

    The prices are what I paid, not what I am looking to get. As I said, I am looking for what interested people are willing to pay.

    I am pretty sure I paid $98 for a set of stainless steel spokes. I can double check, but ±$60 is just a drop in the bucket for a “new” cost of over $2k. You can just remove $100 from the total new cost if it makes a difference.

    If there is not sufficient interest I just will keep it. The components on this unicycle are not all available even if you paid the “new” price. I am not desperate to sell it at all.


    ok thanks.

    if i were rich i would pay half of the new retail price…

    but I’m a hobo…sooo…

    No way to get down to the 100mm range then?

    100mm cranks

    It should be possible to drill and tap another hole at 100mm.

    I sent you a PM

    It costs 72 for a new set of spokes. You only payed 36 because you were paying the price of the original spokes (1 dollar each) as part of the original price of the full unicycle. To buy the spokes seperately costs 2 dollars each.

    Also thats definatly an airfoil.

    If you are willing to seperate it I will buy the seat. Maybe the wheel but I’m not that interested in the cranks, but that is of course if you are willing to seperate.

    Separate parts

    I am would prefer not to separate the parts, but will do so if you really only want the seat.

    The hub has integrated custom adjustable cranks, so it is best kept as a complete unit.


    Guess it depends where you buy them; At Wheel World, I got 36 ss DT spokes, (One of the very best brands!) in black, for .79 cents each.:stuck_out_tongue:

    What a fantastic setup. If I had a lot of spare cash and a wife I could convince that my “old” 36er wasn’t sufficient :roll_eyes: , then I’d be all over this thing.

    Curious…don’t you ride anymore? Do you have a better one?!?

    Still riding, just not unicycles

    I don’t have a new unicycle. If I were still riding alot I would be designing the next generation of this type of cycle.

    I am currently into different 2 wheel cycles, ranging from supported touring, light carbon road, cruizers, single speeds, and even recumbents.

    Here are couple of recent bikes I have built up:


    The Nimbus unicycle is a great value at around $700. I think the stock coker will give thousands of good miles for even less $.


    Nice - I love the “Surly Long Haul Trucker”.

    Shoot, I’ve got the steel-rimmed Radial 360 that I bought at the intro price of $289 and I’ve put many, many miles on it. OK I did replace the cranks with alloy 125s and the seat with a KH Freeride, but it’s a nice ride and very cheap.

    What’s the approximate weight of the various configurations of your 36er beast?

    Approximate weights

    The Hunter setup is around 18-19lbs. Handles add a lb or two depending on how configured (front only, back only, or front and back).

    The suspended setup would definitely add a few lbs on top of it. The weight is fine on the flats, but not so good climing 12% grades.

    Approximate weights

    The Hunter setup is around 18-19lbs. Handles add a lb or two depending on how configured (front only, back only, or front and back).

    The suspended setup would definitely add a few lbs on top of it. The weight is fine on the flats, but not so good climing 12% grades.

    I have put some good rides in on the Surly. Lots of weight, hills, and miles…

    Alright well if you do decide you want to split it I’m offering 350 for the seat setup shipped to Canada.

    I would be interested in the airfoil rim wheelset, if your desperate i will buy the rim tread and tire (aka, cut spokes and keep hub)

    if you dont want to do that I totally understand, im just trying to find a way to get an airfoil without waiting til nov when UDC will have them