For Sale: Creepy Crawler and Trials Rim

I’m selling a light to moderately worn Creepy Crawler and a used undrilled KH trials rim (2005). $20 dollars each + shipping.

pics of the rim? If it’s not too beat up, I’d be interested

What are you buying Brian in replace of?


I’ll take CC for $10+shipping if absolutley nobody buys it…

If captainkrunk61 doesn’t buy it, I’m definitely interested in the rim.

Lemme know.

I’m sorry but upon closer inspection its in much better condition than I thought. I really need the money as I’m in a bit of a financial bind and I’d like to ask for $25 + shipping on the rim.

Heres some pics, the first picture shows the worst ding on the ring - theres a few other scratches in the paint but overall its in good condition. Sorry for it being dusty in the second picture, its been sitting around unused in my room for a little while - I’ll wipe it down if you buy it. :stuck_out_tongue:



Both the rim and tire are still for sale.

chaz you need to scoop this rim up!