For Sale: costum 29"

For sale:


*KH Fusion Street sadle.
*CrMo seatpost.
*Black Nimbus 2bolt seatpostclamp.
*Nimbus 29" CrMo frame.
*KH 2007 ISIS hub.
*KH 2007 28" rim.
*Kenda Klaw XT 29x2.1" offroad tire.
*KH 2007 spokes
*Qu-ax ISIS 145mm cross cranks.
*KHE BMX pedals.
*Valve cap included :wink:

I bought it for 300€ (209.13 GBP).
I’m asking 220€ (153.362 GBP) without shippingcosts.

Only has a few scatches on the pedals, and the sadle cover was damaged but is restiched now.

Will ship to Germany, the UK, The Netherlands and France.

Peter M

Three questions:

  1. Is this still for sale?

  2. If yes to #1…Would you consider shipping to the US?

  3. If yes to #2…Any idea how much it would cost to ship to US via cheapest possible method?

UDC USA needs to take some lessons from in logo making.

WOW what-a beauty

I love it. Love the hub and cranks, etc.

Good lookin uni you have there.

Everything said in this thread is amazing.

Wheelset without pedals is still for sale.

Peter M

If still on sale, how much ? With no shipping, I’d come get it myself (coming from Brussels.)

Sorry, I only have the rim + tire + innertube + spokes for sale.
If you want that, I’m asking 50€ for it.
All as good as new.

Peter M

Thanks, it’s a good value, but I don’t have the cash to rebuild the uni around it right now, so better get a full 29" when I’ll be ready :o

Very nice machine you had there, may I ask why you wanted to sell it ?