[For Sale] CONSIDERING SALE Nimbus 29r with Big Apple Tyre

I’m considering selling my blue Nimbus 29" with Big Apple Tyre in very vgood condition i used it on my holiday but unfiortunatly havn’t got the space where i live to use it and so was thinking of selling it and getting a 26" as my road unicycle instead, was thinking of selling for a about £90 ono does thi sound reasonalbe reply if our interersted




where do yu live in the UK? i may be interested or know someone who is. Any photos of it?

Yeh, i’m the friend dave was talking about and i’ve been looking at getting a 29 as my friends all seem to ride long distance occasionally and i could do with a commuter for uni but don’t like cokers (please don’t hate me for that)
Some1 was selling a prime example at SWUM for £100 which i was very tempted with
I would probably be willing to pay £100 inc shipping, subject to photos and/or a test if you live nearby or are gonna be at a convention any time soon