for sale: Coker

Basic run of the mill coker for sale:

stock everything
with a GB4 handle atached to the viscount seat and a cateye cyclocomputer (set up for the coker).
and welgo pedals with removible pins.
just trued and tentioned by certified wheel builder (cetification by Barrnets bike school).

make an offer

I realize you didn’t say you would be willing to part out so I apologize for asking, but would you sell the GB4 handle separately?

only if you find me a buyer for the rest of the coker

I’ll give you $200 for it.

I’ll give you $150 for it.

Blah… I want a big wheel, and yer even pretty close to me… I wish I wasnt flat broke this month… :frowning:

Good luck!


I may very well have a buyer for you in the SB area. How much are you asking and can I see pics? Thanks

comes with 3 seatposts… (diff length.)


there is only about 30 miles of rideing and wear on this unicycle, it was an abandoned prodject

small scratches on pedals (upd)

I am working on pictures.

i can arange for ita to be picked up at CA Muni weekend.

comes with 125 and 150 cranks and like 2 extra tubes, (helpful at 15$ a pop)

this unicycle with everything cost me about 450$
for sale for 220

200 at CA Muni weekend because i really dont want to ship this.

Can you email a photo possibly? Or pm me I’m definitely interested.

bcl361 at

I’m also very interested, I’d pay 220 for it if you could ship because I live down in Southern California. How does that sound? By the way what kind of stock unicycle is it?


I know its a coker but what brand, 360 radial, nimbus, or what?

it’s a coker, that is the brand…


Coker on E-Bay