[FOR SALE]Coker with updated super wide hub

I’m looking for best offer so just put it out there.

The tire still has good tread on it, though it has the usual coker tire cracks in it. I rebuilt the wheel with a new super wide hub years ago so its stronger. It comes with viscount converted to air seat, I think its very comfy.

You’ll have to pay for shipping and only to US maybe Canada I havent worked out any pricing for shipping yet.

Any questions just email me at tbraun08 [at] williamson.edu

I am interested I am in pa so I might be able to come pick it up and no I can’t use emial at this moment.

i think i might i sent you an email

pictures? Might be interested in picking up a second 36er

I’m interested - check your email.


Ok I have pictures.

Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner I’ll been really busy.

I live near Philly if that helps.

I’ll paint that handle too for a cleaner look.

What offers are u getting? Because i want to get like a cheap unicycle to go fast with :stuck_out_tongue:

And im not sure if yours is good or not cuz i know nothing about these kind of unicycles :smiley:

I’m looking for about $300. If I get $300 I’ll pay for shipping as long as its not outrageous.

Its not the best of cokers, but it has a better hub than the stock and the seat is really cumfee the softest I’ve ridden.

I still have this unicycle if anyone wants it. You can pm or email me.

I live near where rt. 476 begins from rt. 95 in PA so if youre close or going to be in the area (Philly) you can pick it up.

I’ll sell if for $250 + shipping. If you come by and pick it up and you pay cash I’ll sell it for $220.

i would buy it but it it would cost loads to ship to UK:(


Tim you fail for not calling me. I would have bought it for sure. Why did you sell it?