[for sale] Coker w/ airfoil rim + UDC extra wide hub - ~$350

Unfortunately I don’t really ride my Coker anymore, and I hate to see it sitting all lonely in the garage, so I want to sell him to a good owner. His name is Richard Parker, and he is very friendly.
I bought it as an original “Big One” Coker for $350, but have since upgraded a few things. Here are the specs:

Stock “big one” Coker frame and seatpost
Stock Coker brand tire
Nimbus gel seat (cover is a little torn up and duct taped, but still functional
GB4 Stiffener Plate
GB4 handle
Airfoil rim
UDC extra-wide hub
Three sets of alloy cranks: 110mm, 125mm and 150mm
I’ll include my CatEye Enduro 8 cycling computer too.

Considering all I’ve put into it, I believe $350 again is a fair price.

I live in North Idaho so it’d be easiest to ship somewhere fairly local, but I’ll ship anywhere in the lower 48 if need be (buyer pays shipping).

Whole unicycle
Seat + Handle

Hey, what kind of cranks are the 125’s? Also, is that the extra wide hub, or the super wide hub…I always get them confused.

I hope I can get this.

I was planning on getting my sister the 29" nimbus with the Isis hub for Christmas but If my dad will let* me I would rather get her this.

P.S. Only a slight ulterior motive :wink:

*He’s gonna be paying for most of it that’s why I have to have his approval.

I didn’t know there was a difference…so, I don’t know. It was the kind you could order in a wheelset with the airfoil rim, I just checked UDC and it’s not for sale anymore I guess.

Nice, lemme know if your dad is chill with it.

Okay…cool. I think I was confused. There is the wide and the extra/super wide. Yours is the extra/super wide.

How much for shipping to 90717? (LA area)

Should be about $43.88 for three day ground to your area.

I want it, can pay via paypal anytime.

Nice, if neither of the above offers work out it’s yours (:

Terry: You should bow out, you have one already.

yeah Evan you go for it. Actually I was going to get it for a friend and then let him pay for it in installments since he cant aford the whole price right now.

I can be your friend.


Buy me this and I will make it my personal mission to teach you how to roll hop like a human.

Haha what am I now, chopped liver?:stuck_out_tongue: I saw how you made fun of me hopping up those stairs!:wink:

You need more body motion than a 2x4.

Unless you sell it to me for $254.00 I don’t think I can convince my dad to get it. :frowning:

It is your’s Evan.

It might be beneficial to your cause if you didn’t insult people :wink:

Even if it’s true.

It might be beneficial to your cause if you didn’t insult people :wink:

Even if it’s true.

Haha, let’s see what you can do when you’re 51! :slight_smile: At least I can do a kickup mount on my 36er…and that’s not easy. Ok I know I’m not great at rolling hops, but I try!:smiley: