[For Sale] Coker - Tennessee local only

I have two Cokers. A very nice one that is ridden all the time and a standard issue Coker (Viscount seat, no brakes) that hardly gets any use. I’d like to sell the cheaper Coker, if only because it’s taking up room in my apartment.

I’m letting it go to someone who’s lives local (or is willing to drive) to middle Tennessee. $200 firm.

It’s a good ride. I’m ambivalent about selling it at the above price, but would prefer that it go to someone who’ll get more use out of it.

Contact me: jbauer <at> rubic <dot> com

is that pric in us moeny or canadian ? and why cant you ship it ?

Because s/he needs a riding partner. :slight_smile:

Well since they are in Tennessee, its probably US money, and it would probably cost alot to ship and buy a box that big so it would be alot easier if someone picked it up…

man! I really want it

but I have no money

because somebody stole $400 from me

I need to sell some crack or something

Hey DUKE who is in Iraq right now is deployed from Tennesee and in this post

said he wants to get a Coker,

I’ll but it right now if you box it up and ship it to me. Do you have a paypal account?

I am in Iraq and it will have to be shipped USPS, yes they will ship it if you have the original box or a box no larger than 36"X8"X36".

I’m extremely interested in the corker if you are willing to ship to Rochester, NY. Send me a PM if you’re willing. Every corker I find is always sold before I get a chance to even put a word in. I’m 14 and need some cheap transportation for distance, due to not having any unicycles with large wheels. Post a few pics if you get a chance. Thanks! :sunglasses:

Um, did people miss the part where he says he’s not shipping it? “I’m letting it go to someone who’s lives local (or is willing to drive) to middle Tennessee. $200 firm.”

I’ll pay for shipping if you send it. I’ve been looking for a corker for a long time, and I really need some sort of transportation that is quick for my sport practices which is 2 miles away.

To all of you replying, its’ called COKER and NOT Corker…thank you.

beat me to it.

Maybe it’s some bizarre Torker/Coker hybrid, a mutant that threatens to overthrow the established order of the unicycling world!

Or maybe somebody was just confused.

i realized that a few days after i tryed to type corker into the ebay search…

im in north carolina i would love to have it
i’m also a kayaker, any rivers running that way?
336-616-1960 work