For Sale: Coker, Miyata 24" Deluxe, and Monty trials

I’m looking to buy more Muni equipment and am looking to fund this by selling the stuff which I’m not using. I bought these to play around on, but have settled on Muni and freestyle, so I’m hoping I can find a nice home for these poor orphans:

All of these have received minimal use and in very good condition. All were purchased from and enhancements were made as described: I will post some pictures as soon as I get a chance. You cover the shipping and it’s yours. If you are interested, please email me at

Joe Merrill

Only ridden 200 miles
Cateye Mity 3 computer, nicely mounted $30 retail price: $329
Air seat enhancement:
Roach cover $25
Miyata Seat $40
Total retail price: $424
Asking price $325

Miyata 24" Deluxe retail price $301
Custom 400mm seatpost $20
Wellgo pedals $15
Total retail price $336
Asking price $250

Sem Deluxe Trials retail price: $399
Miyata Seat: $40
Carbon fibre base: $ 69
Lasco cranks busted -$25 (you will need to purchase cranks - Lasco not recommended)
Total retail value new: $483
Asking price: $375

Sem Deluxe 12" wheel $30
My 5 year old learned on this but quickly outgrew it and moved on to a 16" I kept the frame but the wheel is available. It’s a solid wheel. Can support an adult. I got it when my son was 5 when a 16" wheel was too small for him.

are you willing to sell the entire 12" semcycle deluxe unicycle? if so how much?


i wanna get in on the 12" to!

I wait over two months, checking ebay and here pretty much daily… Wating for a used Coker to show up somewhere… I get tired of waiting and finally buy a new one. 3 days after I get it, here comes the used Coker for sale.

God hates me. :wink:

I sold the Coker and the 24". Someone’s interested in the 12", maybe. Lemme check with them first. Only the wheel is for sale. I upgraded the rest of the uni to a 16".

The Monty is still up for grabs.


god doesnt hate you,you just missed this thread.look at the date of the Merrill’s 1st post.

you need to dedicate your life to RSU and read every post :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh gee… Oh well. I would dedicate my life to RSU but I already have all the unicycles I will ever need now.
Hahahahahahahahahahh! That was a good one! eh?

Re: For Sale: Coker, Miyata 24" Deluxe, and Monty trials

On Feb 12, ratherbekayaking wrote:
>oh, and for those that may be keeping track, the Coker is uni #5. :slight_smile:
>“Hello, my name is Ed, and I’m a uniholic.”

Then on Fri, 14 Feb 2003 07:32:57 -0600, ratherbekayaking
<> wrote:

>Oh gee… Oh well. I would dedicate my life to RSU but I already
>have all the unicycles I will ever need now.

I just wonder: What can have happened in these two days?

Klaas Bil

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