[For Sale] Christian Unicycling Book

I just wanted to announce that I’ve just written and published a book called “Christian Unicycle Routines.” It contains 20 routines using standard unicycle tricks and riding to share Christian messages. To find out more about the book and ordering info, please check out
David Cain

David, your promo juggling video is GREAT. Are you going to make one for unicycling as well?

I’ll be ordering your new unicycling book - hope to use the routines in the local schools and churches.

[For Sale] Christian Unicycling Book

No, I won’t be making any unicycling promo videos anytime soon. Juggling is where my main talents lie, but I do think that there are some useful routines in the book if you want to present Christian messages through unicycling.
David Cain

Omg Sorry But Dont Effing Bring Any Beep Beep Bepp Religion Into Unicycling

[For Sale} Christian Juggling Book

It’s just a post about a book. Relax. No one’s preaching at you.
David Cain

Relax. It’s just a post about a book. No one’s preaching at you.
David Cain

Repent :slight_smile:

hehe sorry… I just hate religion freaks… they scare me hahaha:D :roll_eyes:

What’s even scarier is intolerance.

yep… trust me I tolerate enough that when I get’s to unicycling… id rather not even see the word religion

If this is anything like the unicycling book, man jesus is awesome?

If anyone can help I cant quite figure out how a running hedge trimmer, sword and a rat trap help us better get to know our relationship with god or Jesus.

Perhaps the Big man himself JC (john childs that is) can help?