For Sale: Chris Holm Saddle Rail Adapter

See it on ebay:

how much?


I am in Ottawa, Ontario and I was wondering what the lowest price you will go is? I am in need of one for my trials uni, and Bedford charges quite a bit for it. Please let me know if your interested in shipping to Ottawa.



p.s: has it been used?

Happy to ship to Canada. Yes, it is used. Please see ebay listing. I’ll sell it for a dollar if that’s the high bid.

Can you just take it off ebay and I will pay you like 5 for it. And you ship it to Ottawa, or something like that. Name how much you want for it, and who pays shipping, and then we will figure it out from there. I need it, and I want it, its just a question of how much and whos paying shipping. If its alright I will just send you a check in the mail for how much, and you can ship it out to me. Please PM me with address details if you will, and I will PM you back with my details.



Who the heck is the ebay user m1120s, they bid on almost everything unicycle related on ebay it seems, and wins.

Sorry, no. Please review the ebay auction.
Shipping will be paid by buyer. Shipping to US is $5.00. More if to Canada. If you are willing to pay shipping and $5 for the adapter, please bid $5.

he’s only got 45 won/sold auctions so u sure ur not exagerating???

and i checked all the latest and there is no unicyclisng Specific stuff.

But i recon he ha a bike shop or sommit, cause who would buy 5 multi-size el cheapo spoke keys?

Sold for $20.65 (US)