[For Sale] Cheap Gel Saddles!!

Hey guys, I have 2 UDC gel saddles i want to sell. I havnt ridden for so long, and have no use for them. One, i never really used, but i have taken it apart, but am too lazy to put back together so $35 for that one. I also have another one which is also in great condition, i only ever rode for a few months and i will sell it for $55. I also have a basic trials unicycle, with slightly bent hub, most likely fixable. I need to get rid of it, $80. It has a custom air saddle on it, with mshbk peds, a grind plate and DX 32 rim.
Thanks. ;D AUD

Ah, thanks for clearing that up. For everyone who missed it this is in Australian dollars.

Please post some pics as i definitely maybe interested.

No worries, should have pics up tomorrow. Keep an eye out.

what type of trials uni is it?

Pics Up!

Guys, my bad. They’re actually Distortion Pedals on the uni. I’ve uploaded pics of the uni and saddles. The uni currently has a UDC gel on it.

What frame, cranks etc. How much is postage to metro Adelaide?

Also what size bearing housing??? 40 or 42??


Are those gel saddles with postage? because I can get new ones to my door for about $65.

If not, how much would postage be?

hey Jamin, are the seats for more uni’s? 36 perhaps? Ive been holding online to the ato for 3 hours.thought i’d check out whats happening with the uni community while i wait and here u are.small world.:smiley:

The cranks are standard chrome plated steel cranks (square taper).
The frame is essentially the same as the nimbus 2 freestyle frame.

Not sure about the bearing housing but I’m pretty sure they’re 40mm.


Yeah, what he said. As i said, its a basic Cycle Design 20" trials uni. Also, the tyre is in fair good nik too!

A reply? Im guessing you’re in victoria?

Shouldn’t be much more than around 5 or 6 dollars to sydney.

C’mon, make me an offer!! ;D

Sorry, no longer interested. Bought a new Nimbus ISIS 26" Muni instead.

where r u

like what state

i might be interested

:slight_smile: hey, i’ve got a similar trials uni, i was wondering if u would sell those pedals w/ grinding plates? cause i was interested in buying a set of pedals. msg me on hotmail at justin_eishou@hotmail.com