[For Sale] Carbon Fiber Uni 26"

This a very rare carbon fiber unicycle made by Roger Davies about ten years ago. I think he only made 12 of them in total.

It is extremely light weight and could be set up to be less than 5 kg with aluminum cranks and such…

I haven’t been riding it enough lately to justify keeping it here collecting dust. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact weight of the frame alone, but it is very light!

I’m pretty sure it would need a new wheel build.

If you’re interested in buying just the frame that would be possible too.

I would also be interested in a trade for a decent street/trials uni (KH20 I guess), since I don’t have one yet.

Carbon Muni.jpg

How much are you thinking of selling it for?

I think 500€ would be a good price.

have you got any better pictures because you cant see the shape of the frame.

I’ll take some more pix soon.

Hey, I’m still selling this cf baby.
It is at my parent’s house, so right now I can’t take any pictures of it. I will add the ones I have on my computer for now and maybe take some more pix at a later time.

Here’s some more info on the specs:

-26" cf frame hand made by Roger Davies (the main designer at Nimbus) it’s ridiculously light, but I forgot the exact weight:o
-Suzue square tapered hub
-light aluminum rim (not sure what the specs are here)
-aluminum seat post and clamp
-old school yellow viscount saddle or nimbus gel
-Schwalbe Big Apple 26x2.35

-square tapered cranks (it originally came with solid steel 150s and 125s) so you can have these, although obviously aluminum would be better weight wise…
-Wellgo aluminum pinned pedals (you might want to through on some twisted pcs instead, it will save more weight.

I am also willing to sell it in parts, so give a shout if you’re interested.
The price tag of 500EUR is not a fixed one, so just make me an offer.