[For Sale] Brooklyn Shinburger Pedals

Here is your chance before they go up on ebay a pair of black Shinburger pedals, in great shape at that. Originally Purchased for over $100 at Local bike shop can be yours for $65 US shipping included to anywhere in the Lower 48 (canada and elsewhere I’ll have to get back to you on shipping but it’ll probably work out to about the same)

These are possibly the strongest pedals I have ever seen, good grip for muni and a HUGE platform that insures that your foot will not come off even on the most narly trails.


another pic

Any questions or offers just say something. Trades are accepable too if you have something cool…


all i can say is good lord that would hurt if u got smacked in the shin with one of those. :astonished:

4 days left before ebay, and only 2 before I post this on pinkbike and other freeride and downhill boards.


I Wanna Buy Them

Hey there i am interested in the pedals how much for shipping to Canada, Manitoba are the threads good on them and stuff, i need some good pedals and these are the best around.

Mine Mine Mine!!!

i’ve gotta say… those pedals are very tempting to buy because they look so deadly.

i think if you cleaned them up, sanitized them, and then heated them over a bunsen burner or something you could fry up some REAL “shinburgers…”
:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

NERD!!! Stick’em over a campfire with a squirrel on top and you’ll be fine.

He misspeld ‘gnarly’.

'm verry verry tempted to buy these just to try out their ability to fry things on them when heated…
I can see it now…
“SHINBURGER, over 5000 unicyclists served!”

Sent a PM a few days back.

Sorry I was late to get back to everyone on this, I got lazy and never put them on ebay before so they are still around. I’m in europe though so everyone will have to wait a bit.

I am really broke right now so selling these babies sounds damn good to me,

DA it looks like you were beat to em, and even though I sent you back a pm , if Grant gets back to me in a few days and no better offer is made ($65 us is what I assume the offer is) I’ll ship them up north. DA you still have the number 2 spot though.

I’ll be back in the states on Jan 15th or so and should be able to work with people a little more then.