FOR SALE: Brand New Carbon Fiber Saddle Frame and Rail Adapter

Decided I’m not going to use this.
Carbon Fiber Miyata style saddle frame - $70 Miyata Rail adapter with brake post - $50


Please check your PM’s! :slight_smile:

Still available.

How different is this from the kh/velo one?

Will it work with kh bumpers/foam/cover?

I may be interested depending on shipping costs.


if it was drilled i would be interested

is there anyway i can drill them? doesnt have to be like a squarish hole?

yes, all you need is the Ronco square bit…it drills square holes. its the greatest invention since spray on hair.

Or you can drill the holes normally and then get a SQUARE needle file and file out the holes. Its what I have done.


your posts always amuse me

is this still available?

Just don’t use square holes. There are bolts available with allen slots in the end. The threaded end. Works quite well.

Check you PM’s again.

Carbon Fiber drills easily. The holes can then be filed square. Kevin, do you have a link that shows those bolts you described? A KH Fusion cover will fit this nicely, but it will require Miyata/Torker LX Handle and bumper.

I can’t find them online anywhere. I don’t have them, but I have seen them. I use the cheap alternative of rubber cementing the bolts to the saddle base and laying tape on top of it. Tape alone works, but not as well. You can also dremel a slot into the end of the bolt and use a standard screwdriver.

A few questions

Is this still available?
Could i just drill it to fit a KH seatpost?
How mcuh CAD would you take for it? And
How much would shipping be to L8S 1A9 Hamilton Ontario?

I may be interested if the price is right.

The price is at the very top of his first post. =p

yeah i Kno…I want the price CAD and a Shipping cost:P

The seatbase or spray-on-hair? :slight_smile:


$88CAD shipped to your doorstep for the base.

Ok ill prob take it!! I wont have money for about 3 weeks though:( if you still have it in 3 weeks consider it bought.