For Sale: Brand New 2008 KH36 frame.

Looks like I bought the last two of these from UDC.UK - and I want to sell one now. I know there were more than a few 36er riders out there (me included) that were really disappointed that the KH36 frames weren’t available in the US with the first batch of 2008 KH stuff this year. And since UDC-USA and Bedford don’t sell these, I’m not quite sure what it is worth here in the US/Canada, but I know it is at least $220 USD, maybe more??

Buyer with the best offer pays for the shipping option of their choice and I prefer money order payment, with paypal as a distant back-up method. I’m in Portland, OR, 97213

Anyone interested in this?? It is best to e-mail me at: or call me at 502-282-5989.

I snapped a few pics of it if you want to take a look:


OMG. This won’t take long to sell.

you have no idea how much I wish I still had that $400 that SIAST all of a suden said that I owed.

i would love this :smiley:

I believe it.


Sold, pending receipt of funds.