[For Sale] Brand New '04 Onza Muni

This Onza has never been ridden. It is in perfect/new condition.
KH style Onza saddle
27.2 mm Seatpost w/ brake mount
Onza frame with magura brake mounts
Alex rim
152mm cranks
3" x 24" Duro tire
UDC wide hub (strong wheel)
weighs just under 15lbs. (very light)

This is a great Muni for a lighter rider or someone who wants a very light nimble Muni. Ready for magura brakes.

$275 delivered in the US



You bought the Onza close-out and swapped out the hub and cranks didn’t you?


Why don’t you qualify that statement???

I took a $400 Unicycle, removed $125 hub and crank set, put back a $60 hub and crank set and a $23 tire upgrade. Now how much is it worth???

Here’s another scenario:
Buy for $250 + shipping = $275

  • $125 hub/crank set = $150
  • $60 hub/crank set = $210
  • $23 3" x 24" tire upgrade = $233
    Sell for $275 - shipping = I get $250
    How much did I make???
    Is the uni only worth $250 to start with???
    This is no rip off! Take a look at other Uni’s similarly equipped.
    maxisbackintown - why don’t you keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what your saying!!!

It would only be a rip off if the closeout Unis were still available, which they are not.

It is a little sneaky though for you not mention that swapped out the crank hubset.

I was in no way trying to be sneaky. I clearly listed the parts in this uni. I assumed anyone on this forum looking at it would recognize the difference between splined and unsplined. And were someone talking to me about buying it, I would make clear anything they didn’t understand about it. I had a close up picture of the hub and cranks.

I have bought and sold several items through this forum. I’m not trying to “rip off” anyone. I care very much about my reputation here on this forum on which I have personal friends, and my personal honor which to me is very important.

I happen to think this uni is a very reasonable deal.

You weren’t lying and you did list it’s parts, and anyone buying it would probably realize the changes you’d made, but you shoudl have said something like: “It’s the 24’ Onza Muni but I’ve swapped out that crank/hub set for this crank hub set”

The reason it could be considered a rip off is that you’re trying to sell a uni you paid $275 for for $275 even though you’ve decreased it’s value by swapping out parts.

I highly doubt anyone on here will buy it becuase anyone in the market for a $275 Muni, hopefully already bought one from UDC while supplies lasted.

You should put it on eBay it’s more accpetable to take advantage of buyers on there.

Ehhh… People understand what they’re getting when they buy something, and if they don’t, it’s their own fault. He listed that it has a UDC wide hub on it, and if people don’t want to pay that much for a non-splined uni, they won’t. No harm done.

There you go joining ole maxis I’m being called a rip off again.
Why don’t you stay off this thread if your not interested in buying it.

After looking at uni.com’s website, I think pdc’s Onza is still a great deal even without a splined hub.
Personally, I think splined hubs are overkill for your average Muni-rider. I’ve been riding on a square taper hub for over 2 years without a problem. :slight_smile:

I think thats a really smart idea, you basically get a hub and cranks for free:D I agree its not a rip off because on UDC there are alot of cotterless munis for alot more than that.

Actually, not free. I had to put $90 in parts to make it whole again.

And they don’t have chromoly frames already equipped with brake bosses or a 27.2 seatpost :smiley:

and time and effort on rebulding the wheel

I will but evrything but the wheel and cranks for 125.