[For Sale] bike for sale to fund uni

Specialized P3, Medium, $550, must go!
Fox Forx Vanilla 125 RLC (NOT blown out)
Thomson Elite X4 stem (50mm)
Avid Mech (BB5) front disc
Magura Hs 22 rear brake (works great)
Deore R der
XT shifter
Profile cranks and BB
brand new rocket ring front chainring
Brand new primo super tenderizers
comes with extra Supra E rim and Geax tires

call me at 610 304 0602 right away! must go soon! pictures upon request!
thanks, nick

but pics here…



Nick i would so buy that if i didint just get my new kona scrap. Guys its a great bike. You all should buy it

oman… i was almost gona get that bike too! I was decideing(sp?) on that one or the bighit, and i got niether:(

wish i had A) the free $$$ B) a place to use it. iowa just isn’t gonna cut it.

Build dirt jumps, fool. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone still want this? i am willing to make it a very sweet deal. email me at shadowuni@aol.com and/or call me at 610 304 0602

Did the one you shipped to fail?

you wouldn’t happen to have any arrow racing rims for sale would you?

both wheel sets have disc brakes? would you be willing to sell them seperate? thanks

e-mailed you… never got an answer…