For Sale: Bedford Muni

Check it out!

I hope one of you kind folk can find a home for it!


isnt that the same one that was on here like a week ago?

the person only has 4 posts, if you look at the other 3 they are all about selling the same muni. so yes, it is the same one that was on here.

Hm…how can i sell a muni that nobody seems to want…
I know! Pretend I’m an anonymous poster who stumbled upon this great muni deal!

lol :wink:

Well no… not trying to pretend I’m an anonymous poster! I know full well that everyone here probably saw the Muni posted awhile back, just though I’d let everyone know again that I put it up on ebay, so if there was any interest in it previously they may get it for a good price there.

At any rate, for those that are interested… happy bidding!


But you’ve just replied to what he said to the other poster :roll_eyes: