FOR SALE: Bedford Deluxe BC WHEEL with the now famous Evan Plates

Is the bc wheel itself good for jumping? Or is it just the “evan” plates that make it easier? Will anything bend or break from drops or jumps?

is ti just me or does any one esle get rubs on thair legs and other places lol if so how do i solve this problem ?

how much are those lx seats ?

I’ll buy it.

I just got done getting all the money I needed. I’ll PM you.

They’re good plates.


This used to be mine so I can answer a few of your questions…You won’t break the bc by hopping or dropping (normal drops anyway, I wouldn’t guarantee a 10 foot drop or something stupid like that). It has a hollow 14mm axle and sealed bearings. The rim looks like a 20" arrow ( I don’t think it’s made by arrow though). Evan’s plates are really light and the bolt is in a good place for hoping.
If the wheel is rubbing your legs then put an ace bandage around your leg or wear some 661s.