For Sale: Beautiful Chrome 8-footer

This is an 8-footer that Tom Miller made me a few years back when I toured full-time. I have loved it. However, now that I have surpassed the 40-year mark, I find that the 8-footer does not give me the thrill of riding that it once did. I’m very happy on my 6-footer.

I paid $800 originally, and would consider any reasonable offer for it. It is in absolutely brand new condition. I clean and polish it after every 3 or 4 shows. It has a white seat, white pedals and white(non-marking) tire. The rest of the unicycle is chrome, with not a spot of rust or dirt. This has been a beautiful show unicycle, and I hope one of you could put it to use as much as it deserves.

Call me if you are interested. I’m not sure I could ship it, but I live in Minnesota, and it could be picked up here.

It comes with a full length bag/cover that I made to protect it during travel.

Don Bursell
320-679-4563 home
320-679-0060 office

Pictures please…

Pictures are forthcoming

I will try and get pictures on this site, or at least a link to some, as soon as possible. It really is a beautiful unicycle:) .


Pictures of Chrome 8-footer

Forgive me if this doesn’t work, but here is a link to photos of the unicycle:


In the photos, I can reach 7’-10", and the unicycle is about 3 inches taller than that.

If this photo link doesn’t work :astonished: , call me and I’ll send them to you personally.


I doubt that I could scrape together the cash, but just out of curiosity, what size wheel is that?

It has a 20" wheel, with a non-marking white tire.


just wondering, what is the best way to go about mounting that?

catapult style?

You don’t have a chance because you can’t hop high :wink:

How to mount an 8-foot unicycle

I have no idea what all that other garbage is about in the above message, but I’ll answer the original question:

To get onto the 8-footer, I used to have my wife stand and hold it, with her foot directly behind the tire (as soon as the audience realized what was about to happen, they would audibly start saying, “No way”, “I wouldn’t want to be her”). I would run up from behind and jump onto her shoulders (second audience reaction). I would take the unicycle from her, and step from her shoulders up onto the pedals, lift myself on to the seat, and ride away (3rd reaction). I usually would careen “out of control” towards the front of the stage (next reaction), and then get it under control. Once it was under control, I would lean to the side as far I could (next reaction) and quickly turn and pedal the unicycle just in time to recover from the tipping.

It was a blast. However, my wife seldom does shows with me anymore:( , and I’m over 40. Heights are not my thing. I love my 6-foot Schwinn.

That’s it.