For Sale: BC Wheel.

learned it, rode it, but it isnt something i want to pursue. pictures and discrption are here. plates are not bent. wheel is in perfect true. bigest drop was a curb. paint is starting to chip of corner on plates, this damage is verry small and cosmetic only.
asking 130 + shiping

Were Are The Pics? I Wana Buy It

if they are bedford plates i will take the plates…

is it the long bedford plates that r on there?

jungani, click the thread;)

long bedford plates. dont want to part it yet

130 for that thing? Lol.

the link is to page 2, the pic is on page 1

thats a good price…the bedford plates were 85 plus shiping alone when i put that together. thats a Hazard rim and hub too…$$$

can u post another pic? if I can convince my mom i think i might buy it.


how much 4 just the plates?

im not going to part it.
I’ll work on getting a new pic but only if you are intrested.
And evan I rember you saying this was a great buy for 140, but now that you have your own plates everything else sucks.

If anything, its the wheel that sucks.

It has the same hub that you use on all of your BCs and I am pretty sure Odyssey hazard rims are good. Do you mean it sucks because its a 20"?

Yes, yes.

your one of the only people who don’t like 20"ers.
If its a preference thing don’t come into my thread and tell everyone my BC sucks

Bite me.

new price 120

Comes with Sharkboy and Spiderman ACTION FIGURES!!!

wow thats a good price… i’ll have to think about it cause i want a better BC wheel but i donno… the axel is 14mm?