GB4 plates (lazer cut, not the plasma cut ones from UDC)

Schwinn SX hub with 14mm axle

Schwinn SX rim, 48 hole, black spokes. 4 cartridge bearings (2 carts on each side)

NO TYRE! i need it for somthing else.

$85 bucks…FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states. be glad im dealing with it.

i will also be taking the plates off for shipping so they dont rip and stick outside the box.

just mount the plates and a tyre of your choice and its good to go.


Since you’re “taking the plates off” anyway . . .

How much for the plates?

P.S. I’m wondering if the plates re durable enough. You mention that they may “rip” during shipping.
That doesn’t seem safe.

Transparent attempt at Jagur-baiting. Let’s kick back and see if it works.

sorry i cant see your post. you are on my ignore list (since 2003) im sure your post is sarcastic crap like always.

I’ll take one of the plates and 1/2 of the spokes:D




I’ll take seven nipples, and four spokes.

why are you selling it anyways?

i need cash.

I’ll take the tire. Can you send a pic?

tyre is already taken, please see pic above.

I might be up for it.

cool…im at work right so i cant chat. will you be on aim later?


get to the post office Tim!


How much are you selling just the plates because i would buy them because i have just made a bc wheel and i have got pegs at the moment but i reckon it would be well good with plates.

Do you have the rest of the dishes that go with the plates? I think I’d like them if they include demi-cups. The lazer pattern sounds much more attractive than plazma. I don’t even like my steaks rare.

Being helpful as always,

They are mine now. As is the wheel.

No I’m going to have to track matching ones down.