[FOR SALE] BC Plates

Hi, I am selling aluminum BC plates.

Length: 9”
Width (exterior measurement): 4”
Height (exterior measurement): 3.75”
Thickness: .25”
Top down to center of hole: 7/8”
Hole Diameter: your choice of 14mm or 3/8”.
Let me know what hole diameter you want. If you want a 3/8” hole, I will still drill the hole 7/8” down from the top.

(Currently 4 pairs of plates in stock)

Price: $55.00 with free shipping to continental U.S. only.


Click here for more pictures:http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_itemId=220153

I pmed you some stuff

how much would those and grip tape cost plus shipping

shipping to Canada

I will actually ship the bc plates to Canada, but it’s $10 extra. That’s $10.00 plus the cost of the plates.

$10.00 + $55.00 = $65.00 with free shipping.

What can they hold up to?
I really want to buy them but am not sure of there strength.
How can I pay for them?

You probably mean the strength of the plates when landing a big drop-off. I personally have never gone off huge drops with the plates, but going off curbs, or the run and jump mounting is no problem. I am pretty sure that you can go off a 3 foot drop and there would not be any problems. I guess it depends on how much you weigh especially for over 3 foot drops. This is just my opinion. The first to bend would be the axle, especially if the axle is 3/8”. My plates are 6061-T6 extruded structural aluminum. Bedford’s bc plates are also extruded aluminum.

There are three ways you can pay:

  1. Personal check (U.S. Dollars) Might take a little longer to approve.
  2. Cashiers check (U.S. Dollars) I will ship immediately so I prefer this one!!!
  3. Paypal (I have to send you an email with a link to paypal)

i may buy but have to aprove with dad