[For Sale] almost new Nimbus 20 inch trials isis

I hurt myself and have to sell this unicycle. Its pretty much just taking up space as my knee just can’t handle it.

You can see my add on craigslist

I live in southern California and would prefer not dealing with shipping hassle, but if it I sell it I’ll be happy to ship. :slight_smile: $250 + shipping.

Still available, please send an offer if interested.

pics pics pics

we gotta see the pictures

Where did you see that the retail price was $500? I don’t think it has ever been over $300.

Yo G whaz up? Nice to see you made a profile! There’s pics in the craigslist post, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a nice side closeup

Whoa, thanks for catching that. I changed it to $280. Which is what I paid.

Also, I’ll be happy to snap some close-ups. What particular area do you want aside from those on Criagslist?

i may be interested but it would be a wile because i have to aquire the moneyif you are willing to waight 4+ months

Will consider buying wheelset without cranks if you wanna part out.