For Sale: Airseat for Coker

I sold my Hunter36 to a fellow poster who is giving it the attention it deserves. He already had an airseat so I sold it without the seat.
I won’t be “Cokering” anymore and have plenty of seats so here’s a good opportunity for someone looking to upgrade.
It’s a Miyata frame with a GB4 stiffner plate, a GB4 handle, a modified Roach seat cover, air pillow and a Cateye Enduro computer calibrated for a Coker wheel. It has a Miyata seatpost cut to about 7-1/2".

 $50.00 plus shipping and it's your's.

Here’s the link, there are 3 or 4 pics of the seat.

Thanks, Frank

i want it

is it still available?

If sofa backs out, I’m second in line for it.


It’s yours. PM me with your shipping info and I’ll get the shipping costs for you. I was planning to go UPS but I’ll ship whichever carrier you prefer to Can.

(Remember, it’s $50U.S.:smiley: )

  • Frank

Thanks Frank, I’m about to PM you with the details of this very final transaction