For Sale: Airfoil Coker W/ GB4, Cateye, 3 sets of cranks.


Coker tire (a few hundred miles left on the tire)
Airfoil rim (older version without tire fitting problems)
UDC Super wide hub
110mm, 125mm & 150mm steel cranks.
UDC DX pedals
Coker “The Big One” frame
Steel seat post
Viscount seat
GB4 handle
Cateye cycle computer

I’m looking for either money or trials bike parts.

Make offers…

$45 for the handle and computer

No parting


got bored of flying already?

Not at all. Getting my license later this month. 50 solo hours in a cub already.

cool, I’m crazy jealous.

$50 for the pool

dont be rediculus thats an inground pool. i bid 100. just kidding

will someone please give me a rough estimate of how much this would go for. cause im not very expeirenced in this rhelm of knoweldge

I would say $400 would be a fair price.