FOR SALE - ADIO skate shoes - very lightly used - USA

Title says it. I got a pair of AIDOs(size-8.5) Im tryin to get rid of. Just bougt em for new uni shoes. I havnt acutlly rode in them yet, just went out looking good a couple nights.
Looks like Im gonna be wearing Osiris.


I seriouly only wore these shoes maybe 3 or 4 times. Still super clean and ready to rock.

8 1/2, Thoe In other companies I wear a 9. So this should fit from sizes 8 to 9.5.
I paid somewhere between 70-80 dollars for these shoes. I am willing to sell them for $50.00 including shipping.

So if the shoe fits, buy it.

aww man, I wear size 7.

I love Adios, best shoes ever.

if your feat were like 3 sizes bigger you might have a sale i loved my Adios i had and those look pretty cool

I’m a size 10 but I would have bought them…

would you take £30.00 GBP shipped? they are my size and look pretty nice.