For Sale - A bunch of stuff.

In australian dollars…

Nimbus X wheel with 110mm standard steel cranks, perfect condition. $50

Koxx “Isis” hub. Good condition. $50

Nimbus 2 style frame for 20" wheel. 40mm bearing holders. 22.2mm (or whateva, the small one) seat tube. With seap post and clamp. $35

KH/onza hub minus bearings. Good condition. $30

125mm and 140mm KH/onza cranks. The right crank with both sets is bent about a degree. $15 per set.

Tell me if you want Pics.

i want pics of nimbus wheel and the 125 mm onza set

and the nimus 2 frame

Pics of everything.



oh sorry totally blew over that somehow.:o

really good prices then, but shipping will suck.

I will probably take the wheel with the steel cranks. Email me at work. Thanks, Ben