[For Sale] 5ft giraffe

hi guys im trying to sell my 5ft giraffe uni (uk only)

its got a qu-ax frame with a kh saddle, a maxxis ringworm trye and metal pedals

im selling if for £120

please e mail me on bunglebanks@hotmail.com if you want more info / pictures or are interested.

i may px it if you’ve got sumthing you think i may be interested in.


peace out , ride on

I emailed you over a week ago. Are you still selling it?


callum sorry mate i didnt get ur e mail,

i have a friend whos interested but he hasnt got the munny yet, its still for sale tho unless he can get the munny sooner, whereabouts r u? would you pick it up?


can you put that into Austrailian dollar for me
PS i have $324

too far

sorry dude shipping to australia would be really expensive. :astonished:

there must be somewhere you can get a giraffe over there.