[for sale]-$50 sale

*1 pair of tioga pedals, very amazing, but i have no need(sealed bearings). - $50

*brand new kh 07 non-drilled 24" rim-$50 ( if you want i have brand new (black stainless spokes, 13 guage. ill sell with the rim for $65)

*1 24x3" gazzolodi tire, used twice-$50

and if youre in need of torker parts i have tons! so let me know what you need i probably have it, haha.
rims cranks tires frames spokes pedals seats posts…

let me know guys,



'dyou have a 20" (i might go for a 24" to go with it too…) torker trials rim?

I need one for a… project…

why are you selling the rim?

Can I have that totally sweet lamp in the background? If my eyes aren’t fooling me it is definitely made out of a uni frame. If I just made that up, then sweet, I’m going to build one.

Sorry for such off topic posts but this is what I see in that lamp:

I think it’s a regular desk lamp at a head on angle so it looks like a uni frame lamp, but that’s a cool idea Brian.

sort of like this but with thicker tubing.

I thought the same thing when the picture loaded up, then had to look at it twice. Im sure its not a frame though.

i got another one from kris that i like better, i had already ordered the kh, so it got here and i dont need it:)

i wish the lamp was a uni frame, might be a cool idea i have tons of spare parts, hmmmm…

How would I send you the money for the GAZ?

how about some cranks and pedals for my 2005 20" torker LX?

online money transfer? through online banking? or just a cheque.

i dont have any splined 20" cranks, i have a frame (dx ) and an lx frame.


its just a non-drilled freeride rim

EDIT: need to learn to read … lol

WTF? Are those pedals filled with cement? :thinking: :astonished:

dirty grip tape

Hey Justin

Are you talking about that 24" DX frame we were talking about through PM’s?

I sent you a check for it a week ago before I left for Cuba, tell me what’s up.



Is the rim 42mm wide or 47mm wide?


42mm wide, since it’s the non-drilled.

I’m pretty sure it’s a special non-drilled '07 rim, meaning 47mm wide.