FOR SALE: 36" Modified Coker

I am currently selling a 36" Coker unicycle minus the seat.

It is not worn, the wheel is straight, and has plenty of life in it.

Specs are as follows:
Odyssey Black Widow cranks (MUni cranks! Hard as a ROCK)
Coker tire with full tread.
Stock frame
Wellgo DX pedals
Seat Clamp.

I am selling it for $350. That is non-negotiable. I am a CT resident and am willing to ship. Buyer pays shipping.

See attached photos


also… my e-mail address for shipping and payment info is

How fast do you want to sell it?
I was going to get one, but I want to get a KH first.
Why are you selling it?
Why is the seat not included?
And how much would shipping be to 49085