For Sale - 3 uni's

I hate to say it but I need to sell 3 unicycles. Kids don’t want to ride them and i can’t anymore so I am selling. My Torker 20 inch and 26 inch are like new - only a few scrathes from trying to learn to ride. I have a 3rd uni that is a cheap store bought one I got as a gift. I will sell all 3 for $300. I am in Ft. Worth Texas. So you figure out how to get them. If interested let me know. I will check daily - and remove once sold.

OutOf Control

this is a really good deal!

Edit: sorry for my comment, its deleted… this is an okay deal.

OOC - - - I am very very tempted. I found in an earlier post that you had a Torker LX 24 that you bought used. Is that one really a 26?

All this time, I thought I had a Torker LX 24 but mine is the same as the one offered here…a 26.

So the only one that I really want is the DX.

If there is anyone in the Dallas area that wants the LX26 please holler and we can go in together on this.

My proposal is that I’ll pay 200 for the DX and you pay 100 for the other 2. If you don’t want the cheap-o, I’ll buy it from you for 15. Does this sound fair?

3 uni’s for sale

That would be great - someone needs a good deal. The 3rd uni is a 20 inch with a sticker on it that says Gravity - it is chrome with a black seat and yellow plastic. I figure it is worth $15 or $20 bucks. Let’s make this happen !

would you be willing to sell the 20" lx for $35?

It’s a DX20, an LX26 and a Gravity 20.

I sent you a PM. Let me know

3 uni’s for sale

SOLD - Thanks !