[For Sale] 29" Schlumpf! UK

Unfortunately as I’m not working at the mo. i’ve run out of money and need to pay bills, so i’m having to sell my Schlumpf… :frowning:
It’s in amazing condition hardly a scratch on it, always kept inside in the dry.
also includes 2 syringes of schlumpf hub grease and tools.
anyway here’s the spec.

The bits in red are upgrades from the original spec.
Wheelsize: 29".

Weight: 6kg

Colour: anodised black.

Frame: New schlumpf Swiss-built frame.

Hub: Schumpf geared unicycle hub with gear ratios of 1:1 and 1:1½, gear change using button on axle stub. 7075-aluminium alloy shell with black anodised finish. 36 spoke holes, expected lifetime of 50,000km.

Cranks: Lightweight aluminium cranks 152 mm long.

Pedals: Black Magnesium pedals

Rim: Kris holm 29" 36 spoke.

Saddle: Unicycle.com gel saddle.

Seatpost rails bracket: Kris Holm rails bracket brake and seatpost mount.

Seatpost: Kris Holm 300mm, 27.2mm diameter, aluminium, bike style with rails clamps.

Tyre: 24x2.0” or 28x2.35" Schwalbe Big Apple tyre, black with schrader valve.

Spokes: same as on KH

Brake: V Brake

all for £750 ono

pick up or UK post.
new without upgrades would be £890.00
with would be over £1000
PM me or post on here.



Pics please

:frowning: a uni down, why arn’t you working?

I know it’s a crying shame!! i’m not working because i have too much course work at the mo. plus i broke my arm quite recently, so i wasn’t working for about 6-7 weeks so i’m really skint atm. :frowning:

Uni for sale

Can you ship to the USA? Is it still for sale?