For Sale..28er (again.....cheaper!)

hey the price has been reduced! but so has the unicycle :wink:

this unicycle has been unridin for several weeks now and just had its cranks and pedals taken away. wont you please help this unicycle out of its constant vegitative state?

$345 plus ship.

I drool over every uni you sell…

I just can’t afford anything right now

well somone has got to be getting a tax return around here.

I could sell you back the 26" wheel and throw in the stock Velo from my Summit in exchange for the 28", assuming the BEs fit the hub (sorry didn’t read into it). Drop me a PM to work out some details.


PM sent, i cant tell if you mean for the whole thing or just a wheel swap.

still taking offers everyone.

Re: For Sale…28er (again…cheaper!)

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 18:21:49 -0600, “jagur” wrote:

>wont you please help this unicycle out of
>its constant vegitative state?

Choose your words carefully or your President might sign a bill
forcing you to keep it. :slight_smile:

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Re: Re: For Sale…28er (again…cheaper!)

yeah i chose those carefully, id figured i would use the phrase thats been pounded into my head all day on AM radio.

i just couldnt remember if it was “constant” or “persistant” im sure by the nights end BBC radio will clerify.

How much for the frame?

i posted the price to unisk8er in some other thread but it doesnt matter anymore…it sold for cash and trade tonite.