[For Sale] 26" wheel (Salsa Gordo, Dyno.Fireball UDC hub)

Salsa GORDO rim
DT swiss spokes
26x2.215 Dyno Fireball tire
UDC hub with 40mm bearings.
Nimbus X 127mm cranks.

the whole wheel is virtually brand new. only a few hours ride time into it.

PM me with offers or make them here,what-ever.


26 w.jpg

the cranks have been sold, now taking offers on the wheel without the cranks.

What’s the outside diameter of the tire?


its 82 inches.

hey! you live close…if your interested, i will give you a locals only deal if you want to drive down and get it…i could also show you the Falls City trails (best MUni in the state) if you want to make a day of it.

Diameter, not circumference. Diameter will be just over 26"

awe,yes…i gave the “roll Out”…i think i was being sqeezed for information for another build anyway…LOL thats cool.

wheel still available…cheap too.

its now on ebay.


still available email me if interested.