FOR SALE:26" Profile Yuni

This Muni has been lightly used. It has done no drops to speak of. I bought it from a mountain biker who tried out Muni. He used it only for rolling singletrack. It has never been used for pedal/crank grabs or anything rough. There are some very minor marks in the powdercoat. The only noteable marks in the cranks even are from shoe rub. The tire is in near new condition as shown in the pics. Mechanically this thing is perfect. Cosmetically it is VERY VERY good. This Muni new at UDC sells for over $700. I’ll take $550USD including shipping in the US. I’ll ship anywhere else for $550 + whatever the shipping cost over $20 is.

Yuni Frame
Profile Hub/ 175mm Cranks
Alex DX32 Rim
DT Swiss Black Spokes
Nokian Gazz Tire
Odyssey Clamp
Too Long Seat Post
KH Seat





wow! what a beauty! only if i have 550$ laying around :frowning:

the cranks have dust on them:)
i would get it but…

  1. dont have $550 lying around
  2. dont especially want a 26" MUni
  3. want a 24" Muni
  4. profiles would be wasted on me.

hope you have luck selling it, it looks really pretty.

pdc, check your pms

is that uni the same as this one:

What’s with the bolt holding on the crank? I don’t know much about profiles, but I thought that they needed a special bolt and washer?

if u would have put this on here a few weeks ago i might have bought it.

Would u sell just the wheelset? for like $350?

just wondering