FOR SALE: 26" Pashley w/ KH Saddle [ENGLAND]

26" Pashley - Black Gloss

KH Saddle - All black

125mm cranks - black
150mm cranks - black

Wellgo DX aluminium pedals

WTB Nano Raptor tire

Wheel hand-built in the USA by Kovachi Wheels

1 year of use

How much?

your picture is of the 29er not a 26"

I’m using a computer at the library which doesn’t read CDs so I can’t upload an actual photo of my cycle. If I find a hotspot for my laptop I can post some photos of it.

I wish I hadn’t bought this cycle to begin with… The folks at USA sort of pushed the sale on me, but whatever. I paid something 450 USD for it and now I’m in England where the same cycle goes for half as much!

I would love to get somewhere around 100 pounds which would be far less than I paid for it but the price for a brandnew Pashley here in the UK is only something like 95 pounds.

I might let it go for 75 pounds + shipping… otherwise I’ll take it apart and try to jam it in with my luggage.