For Sale: 26" Nimbus Frame and Seat Post

I accidentaly bought this 26" Nimbus frame when I was trying to order a 20" with a flat crown. It turns out they only have the flat crown in the 26".

After I bought it I thought I would hold onto it and get a wheel set for it. However, we are moving and my wife informs me that I need to get rid of it.

It is still brand new right out of the box. I haven’t even put a wheel on it yet. I am selling it for 35$ and I have a used seatpost for it that is 5$.

Here are some pics

If you are interested PM me or

I would prefer to use Paypal for this transaction. I can ship it pretty much anywhere, just give me you shipping address and I’ll let you know how much shipping is.

I sent you a PM