[For Sale] - 26" muni parts (UK)

I broke my muni hub and decided to have a bit of an upgrade, so there are a few parts of my old muni going spare. It’ll all be cheap - if anybody’s interested I’ll take some pictures. Postage would probably cost more than the stuff’s worth, so pickup/meet in person would be better.

  • Alex DX32 26" rim. A few scratches but very straight. It’s the version without eyelets (I’ve seen them with and without).

  • Set of 36 stainless spokes from a 26" DX32/UDC CrMo hub wheel. Amazingly straight, almost look like new spokes. Nipples not so good.

  • Pair of 152mm ProWheel aluminium square-taper cranks. Lightly scratched but no cracks or big dings.

  • Pair of 165mm steel square-taper cranks, black. Very good.

  • Nimbus II 26" muni frame, 40mm pressed bearing holders. Purple powdercoat, quite a few chips but not rusty. It seems to be a bit taller than most Nimbus 26 frames, and has enough crown clearance for a 29er wheel (it had over an inch above a 26x3 Duro). Plastic bung in one fork leg is missing, replaced with the famous champagne cork. Steel seatpost (22.2mm).

If you’re interested in any of this stuff, make me an offer. Liam (Domesticated Ape) has first dibs on the frame, but if he’s changed his mind it’ll be up for grabs.


The frame has been claimed. Rest of the bits still available if you need some cheap spares.