[For Sale]26" Koxx Track Monster

Officially for sale now. 2006 Koxx Track Monster.

-Koxx One 26" MUni frame-Has Magura mounts
-Koxx MUnisaddle
-Drilled 47mm wide rim with eyelets
-Try-All 26" Tire
-Koxx ISIS hub with 160mm cranks
-Bulletproof Red Pedals with Black Pedal Protectors
-CrMo Seatpost


Looking for $300, buyer pays shipping.

how much is shipping to the uk? also, can people just pay for items like this through paypal?

Like WAYYYYY to much…the rim strip is like bubbling out.haha

I PMed him this morning, Apparently he already has a buyer lined up but if that falls through I have second dibs

the old rimstrips had the bubbles like that. even when there’s no tire on it the bubbles are there, it’s not overinflated.

If you want a 26er and that one goes through, make me an offer on mine, I’m starting to get desperate for money so I’m willing to settle for close to the price of this one.

Hey Conrad,

Did this thing sell yet?

I have been warned that a 3" tire would not fit in the frame. Wondering if this is true, how’s the clearance? Do you think there is enough room for a Gazz?



Yes It’s been sold, just waiting for the check to come in the mail.

I’ve never seen a gazz in real life to know how much taller it is than the 3" wide duro, but based on the clearance I measured with a 26x2.5 tire (1.5" from bottom of crown to tire, 1" on both sides) I would say it should fit.