FOR SALE: 26 Hunter MUni

Hello All,
I’ve been away for a long time. :o

I’m selling my Hunter MUni. Has a Profile Wheel and cranks (175mm), Alex rim and 26" x 3" Gazzaloddi tire. The seat is a Miyata base with air pillow set-up and a Gemcrest leather cover. The pedals are Mosh platforms. Syncros seat post attached to a rail adapter. Salsa clamp.
The frame will also fit a 29" wheel. I no longer have a 29" uni wheel but I have 29" bike wheels, I slipped one in and it clears just fine (WTB Exi-Wolf-2.3)

I’ve had the wheelset for a long time and I’m the original owner. The frame was built in November. The story goes like this:

Jagur wanted to buy my original Hunter 26" frame 'cause it had cantilever brake bosses. I sold it to him and had Rick build me another frame. This time without brake bosses ( I never used them). After I got the new frame I built it back up and went for a ride.
I had a great time but the truth is, I haven’t ridden it since. I also remembered why I felt okay selling my other frame to Jagur (aside from the sentimental connection to it) I just don’t ride uni’s anymore.

After my Coker/collarbone battle it just hasn’t been the same…
Pictures here:

Also a shot from Rick Hunter’s blog:

$500 plus actual shipping.


  • Frank

Sorry, I can’t help myself from commenting that the welds are amazing. Geez, that’s a smooth fab.

Nice unicycle!

I would love to buy this from you, unforunately it is not the right moment of the month. This is despite the fact that I already have a Hunter 29" frame.

Would you be willing to sell the frame alone?

If it is still around in early April I might want to buy it from you.


BTW, Rick’s creations are all beautifully fillet brazed.

Excellent buy for someone.
Hunter frames are around 500 alone, are they not?


$300, will pick up locally. :wink:

That is real pretty. Any estimate on shipping cost (within US)? Any flexibility in price?

PM me with your zip code and I’ll let you know what it would cost.

  • Frank