FOR SALE 26" BC wheel


26" fairly narrow rim
spokes (no dah)
hub - really thin hub
axle - 9.5mm - bent but i will replace it for you if you want no charge
tyre - not one as seen in picture, will be a semi-knobby tyre, not very worn down, usable
tube - working no problems
plates - the plates i made, pretty dodgey but they do the job
weight - i dont know, kinda heavy, dont like it stiff sh*t

not intended for use with big jumps and whats not, as the axle is small diametre. will serve as a great learning BC wheel. i learnt to ride on it after i made it but i dont wish to continute on with it.

the wheel has no problems with it as such, bearings are working fine and a bent axle which i will replace.

I am located in Brisbane, Australia

cost = $5 plus shipping

any questions or anything feel free to post here or PM me.

This is a steal!

I’d get it but it probably wouldn’t be worth the shipping to England and I want a 20" BC.

Goodluck iridemymuni!

will you ship to california?

Shipping from Australia, across sea, to California, would cost a lot.

turned out to be $105.

i’d send it but that price is just insane, not worth it.

yea, I had already talked to him. oh well, time to get a beford :roll_eyes:

anybody else from australia?

I’m from near melbourne, down south.

How much do the plates weigh, and are they really strong? i know i will snap the wheel’s axel pretty much straight away, so how much would you want for just the plates, and could you find out the shipping cost to melbourne for the plates alone and the wheel included?



Ed, believe me you would break that thing.

hey ed, i’m not sure what the plates weigh, i’ll weigh them tommorow for you. as for the plates, theyre okay for what they are. you’ll have a lot of trouble bending the right angle on the plates (i should know, i put one of them under about 1,200kg of pressure, and she’s still a right angle). the outside bits which were added on so your feet dont slip off the end arent they strong, i dropped ti a few times while i was learning, and bendt the outside bit upwards, if you want i could probably weld you something on the bottom so that the edge of the plates dont bend.

i’d be happy to weld on lots more metal to make it stronger no cost, but it’ll weigh them down a bit more, it’s up to you. they held up just fine for me as a beginner, they were still ridable, no problems to speak about after a day of soft use, that’s as far as i got with them.

i’ll work out weight and shipping and whats not for you tommorow.

actually, i’d feel bad giving you plates that you might think were crap, i’ve decided not to sell this item.


i’m going to make some bc plates tommorow

some proper bc plates

i’ll sell them cheap because i’ve got nothing better to do with my time, i’ll make them out of some square tubing i’ve got laying down the shed, they’ll be much lighter and stronger.

are you seriously trying to sell this for 105$? wow… thats alot.

no lol, i was selling them for $5, plus shipping to however buys them.


WOW is it really $5 is it still available and how much would shipping be to Massachusetts :smiley:

PS if it is still available and shipping isn’t ridiculous there is a lot of interest

That thread is from 2006… I’m 99% sure these plates aren’t available anymore. Look at the dates before posting!