[For Sale] 24" Tyres, rim, frame, handle


I am now selling more stuff.

Maxxis Hookworm tyre. 24x2.5", hardly used. Needs no further description. This tyre costs £20 at UDC-UK, if there were any in stock anyway.


Nimbus II tyre. 24x2.25", barely used. Costs £12 at UDC-UK. This tyre has a flat top and is quite good for roads if it’s a bit soft. High PSI and it’s good for racing.


Maxxis High Roller tyre. 24x2.8", minimally used. Cost £25 at my LBS. This tyre is seen on the Onza rim, which is built into a UDC CrMo hub with a dodgy thread on one side.

Onza Rim 24" I forget how wide, not too wide but super strong. Has HUGE sidewalls. This is the rim that came on my Onza Muni but was replaced with a Large Marge. It was then built into the wheel shown. Once built, I discovered one side of the hub threads was dodgy. I tried to fix it but it’s had it. If you want the rim, you can have the spokes and dodgy hub too, for free, just let me know.

Offers for either, you can buy the tyre or the rim or both!

24" frame. Totally bog-standard 24" curved-crown frame. Costs £20 (with seat-clamp) at UDC-UK. Has a reflective UUU sticker and a Donkey sticker. Donkey from Shrek. Also has holes drilled through the centre of the crown as I once had a mudguard on it. The holes are neither straight nor in line.


KH handle - old style. An original KH handle with no ribs on the inside. Came on a saddle I bought and was instantly replaced with a new, ribbed saddle. For her pleasure. Costs £4 for new handle AND bumper at UDC-UK.

Free if you want it!

It’s all in my for sale gallery.

PM me if you’re interested in owt.

Nice one!


EDIT: I got it right first time, but it took bloody ages!!