FOR SALE: 24" Torker DX [Price Negotiable]

I have a very slightly used Torker DX for sale.
I learned to ride on this unicycle, so it’s got the usual scratches from tipping over in my garage. These only detract from the unicycle’s aesthetic appeal; there is no real damage to the unicycle itself.
I only took the unicycle on 2 full rides after I’d learned.
Also, I replaced the black seat tube with a thicker chrome-colored seat tube.

I bought the uni for $340. Because of these scratches and the replaced tube, I’m willing to sell it for nearly $200 less at $160.

However, if this price is way too much, tell me and I’ll rethink. I have no experience in selling unicycles second-hand.

Thank you, and feel free to PM me for details about the price or interest in buying the Torker DX.


where are you located?

a friend of mine might be interested, but will only buy for $120-ish. He would also like to see pics, know your location, and what year the DX is.

I am located in West Los Angeles.

I can provide pics in a few days.

if the price was closer to $100 (as I dont have a job :frowning: ) and I saw some pics, I may be interested

ope, never mind, appearantly im getting one in just a couple of days!

thanks tho haha

Yep, from my friend and former forum member Perry! Also his Coker you lucky guy!:smiley: And let’s see…how much is shipping? Umm, nothing, since I’ll be bringing them in person! :sunglasses:

Ooops, I ran out of time but wanted to say to RB2, that’s a great sounding deal and someone should snatch that up at that price! Maybe you could also put it on craigslist with a few pics too. Good luck!:slight_smile:

agreed if i had not just gotten my 29er or had some money i would take it i was about to get one from someone on here but he sold it to someone thinking it was me after he promised me the sale:p

I am interested. I sent you a PM. Give me a call.


No? How 'bout pics?

a dx for 160 is a good price no matter what. there are very few DX’s in bad disrepair

I have a friend that is interested

is it still available?

and how much would shipping be to 93427?

or where are you located (in case of local pickup?)

sent you a pm, lemme know :slight_smile: